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Advanced Treatment and Exceptional Care Under One Roof

At Smile 32 Dentistry, we believe that providing the highest quality dental care is achieved through extensive training and advanced technology. Dr. Ali Obeidi and our dental team remain at the forefront of dental technology and dental training by bringing exceptional care, dental experience and cutting-edge technology into every patient appointment. In most cases, our team takes a leading role in groundbreaking technological advancements and treatments to help provide exceptional care for every patient.

Since opening our office in 2015 here in Houston, TX, we have been able to serve our community and patients as we continue to provide every patient with high-quality care and offer advanced dental technology for precise results and beautiful, lasting smiles. With a state-of-the-art in-house dental lab that allows us to make same day restorations for our dental implant procedures, it also houses our latest cone beam computed tomography (CBCT scanner), Nomad intraoral x-ray technology, Trio scanner, Exocad design software for our full arch dental implants, milling machines and Einstein printer for temporary restorations to better serve our patients needs. We are proud to offer such modern, cutting-edge technology to our patients to create predictable results, convenient dental visits and a life full of healthy smiles.

Advanced Dental Technology, Advanced Smiles

While being a one-stop-shop for patients by offering a full-service dental office with our in-house dental lab, we are able to cover and tend to many dental needs of our patients. With this, we are able to perform an array of dental procedures our patients may benefit from beginning with braces all the way to full mouth dental implants. With our state-of-the-art dental lab, we are able to create a complete smile in just one visit utilizing our CBCT scanner and Nomad intraoral x-ray machines to determine your candidacy and craft a tailored treatment plan for dental implants and use our Exocad design software to properly place your dental implants to ensure they last a lifetime. Once those are placed, we will use our Einstein printer to create your temporary restoration so you never have to be without your full smile again! Since we house this advanced dental technology right here at our office, our patients reap the benefits of lower costs, quicker production time for aligners and restorations and the comfort of knowing their dental needs are handled in-house by their very own doctor.

Our State-of-the-Art Dental Lab Makes It Easy

Ensuring each and every one of our patients are comfortable throughout their treatment is our top priority. We are able to offer this top-tier care by taking care of your dental procedures from start to finish in-house, eliminating the need for a third-party. This quality of care allows Dr. Obeidi and our compassionate staff to offer a more personalized touch to your dental concerns and provide convenient dental visits so you won’t have to rely on an outside lab and potentially lengthier and more frequent trips to the dentist. You can feel more comfortable and relaxed through your dental visit knowing your care stays in-house and is handled by Dr. Obeidi throughout the length of your treatment. With this, we are able to provide consistent results that align with your treatment plan to ensure the smile we are creating is the smile you can’t wait to be in. We are proud to combine care that is meticulous and modern to create smiles that are made to last a lifetime.

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