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Regain Confidence With Dental Implants

Missing, decayed and failing teeth can produce more problems outside of cosmetic concerns. For this, we know it can be painful, irritating and maybe a little embarrassing to live with a smile that’s incomplete. If you’re missing out on the foods you love, feeling pain and discomfort and finding yourself feeling self-conscious when smiling in photos, our full mouth dental implants may just be the solution for you. With our full mouth dental implants, these concerns and self-conscious feelings will be a thing of the past! You can fully restore your smile and gain back the confidence that keeps you smiling for a lifetime. Here at Smile 32 Dentistry, we offer patients the highest standard in dental implant treatment to treat their missing and failing teeth with the help of Dr. Pratik Vakil. With his level of precision, eye for detail and exceptional experience, Dr. Vakil can create a smile that fits your smile goals and your lifestyle. With our advanced and minimally invasive dental technology, crafting beautiful, healthy smiles with our full arch dental implants is what we do best. It’s time you enjoy your smile, and with us, your dream smile is possible.

Full Mouth Dental Implants VS Removable Options

When you think of a solution to missing teeth, what comes to mind? Is it dentures? Traditionally, dentures are the common fix to your incomplete smile and have served their purpose for many smiles over the last few decades. However, with advancements in dental technology and dentistry as a whole, dentures have proved themselves to be a more outdated option when it comes to smile restoration. While they are known as the more cost-effective option for patients, dentures require messy adhesives to stay in place and run the risk of the denture slipping out of place, falling out and the possibility of losing upward of 75% of your taste due to dentures blocking the roof of your mouth. Since these dentures are not secured in the jawbone, they are unable to support the jawbone properly, causing bone deterioration and the creation of sunken facial appearances from jawbone loss. With the disadvantages of dentures, they can become more costly for patients in the long run. But thanks to modern dental technology, there’s a new way to restore your smile and your confidence all in one – they’re called dental implants.

Dental implants are a versatile option that are able to restore any number of missing teeth whether you’re missing one, multiple or a full mouth of teeth. Designed to preserve the jawbone quality and bone density which protects your facial structure and appearance, full arch dental implants are considered the highest quality solution when it comes to restoring your smile esthetics. With these dental implants being secured in the jawbone, your restoration will not move, shift, or fall out during the day and you can count on them giving you a one-of-a-kind smile that feels, looks and functions like a natural set of teeth. Since these dental implants are secured in the jawbone and serve as a tooth root, they take the worry out of missing the taste of your favorite foods. Full mouth dental implants are secured into the jawbone and set with an abutment that your final set of teeth set on utilizing our All-on-4 to 6 protocol, to create your fully restored smile. Once placed, your dental implants will take 4-6 months to heal and fuse with your jawbone through a process called Osseointegration – where the jawbone and dental implant fuse together. Once your full arch dental implants are completely healed, Dr. Vakil will attach your final set of teeth for you to enjoy. While the initial cost of dental implants may be higher than removable options due to surgery requirements, we offer competitive and affordable payment options to include your budget into your brand-new smile!

There’s More to Your Brand-New Smile

While full mouth dental implants create beautiful results for your smile, they also have major health benefits. These full arch dental implants keep your jawbone strong and healthy so you don’t lose bone density and offer many cosmetic and functional health benefits your smile shouldn’t go without. These dental implants offer a sturdy foundation for you to bite and chew into your favorite hearty meals, leaving the soft food and liquid diets behind, and prevent jawbone deterioration. You also lose the risk of further tooth loss and even improve your speech as you can speak with ease without the worry of slurring your words or trying to hold your teeth in place with your tongue. We know that showing off your million-dollar smile is one of the best benefits of your new full mouth dental implants, but advanced dental technology has allowed for the benefits of our dental implants to improve the overall health and function of your mouth and that is what makes our full mouth dental implants one-of-a-kind.

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"I Suffered Due To My Smile For Many Years, Dr. Vakil Changed My Life With Dental Implants"

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