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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles® – Houston – Smile 32 Dentistry 

At Smile32, Dr. Pratik Vakil provides Six Month Smiles® in Houston to transform your smile. Utilizing a combination of stable traditional braces with the cosmetic appeal of clear braces, Six Month Smiles is a great orthodontic alternative for patients that are looking for an effective treatment that can be completed in just six months.

Ready to have a straighter smile with clear braces? Contact our Houston dental practice today to schedule a consultation!

Why Choose Six Month Smiles®?

Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic braces option that corrects aesthetic issues such as:

- Spacing
- Crowding
- Overlapping 
- Asymmetry

Adjustments are made every four weeks to gradually correct patients’ smiles, resulting in a straighter alignment. This braces option is discreet, quick, and allows patients to receive straighter smiles under treatment from our experienced Houston dentist.

For patients looking for a convenient treatment for a special event, Six Month Smiles® at creates improved alignment of teeth in less time, compared to traditional braces, using low force movement corrects issues with spacing and shifted teeth. Whether you’ve experienced relapse from previous orthodontic treatment, or always wanted a straighter smile but never had the opportunity, Dr. Vakil at Smile 32 dentistry provides this tooth-colored braces option for straighter smiles.

How Six Month Smiles Works®

Beginning with an in-depth examination of your smile, Dr. Vakil takes the time to understand your orthodontic needs and aesthetic goals. From there, we take molds of your current alignment and bite to determine how the teeth fit together. These molds are sent to the Six Month Smiles® laboratory and a treatment plan is created, as well as the brackets, wires, and placement trays. 

Six Month Smiles uses a custom designed tray to ensure correct placement and optimal treatment. Dr. Vakil takes the components and attaches the braces to your teeth, completing placement. 

Caring for Your Smile During and After Treatment

While undergoing treatment, it’s important to be mindful of your at-home oral care routine. After each meal, patients are encourage to brush, clean around brackets, and between teeth with a Waterpik® or flossing needle. This ensures the health of your smile during treatment, keeping your teeth clean and bright. 
Once treatment is complete, Dr. Vakil discusses options to maintain your straightened smile, through a clear or traditional retainer. 

Contact Us Today! 

At Smile32, we are focused on straightening teeth with Six Month Smiles in Houston. Dr. Vakil and our team of professional staff work with you to design an individualized treatment plan that aesthetically enhances your smile. For more information about Six Month Smiles®, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today! 



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