Snap on Dentures

At our Houston dental practice, we correct ill-fitting, unreliable dentures
through implant placement and restoration. We surgically place as few as
two implants in the bottom or top arch for a prosthetic to be affixed to.

Utilizing a surgical guide to place implant posts, our Houston denture lab
fabricates your prosthetic to complete your smile. Implant posts act as the
roots for your restoration, and prevent the need for continual denture
adjustment that is often needed after prolonged tooth loss. Patients are
able to enjoy the foods they love with the stability provided by
implant-supported dentures.

We offer *Snap On* removable dentures. Snap on dentures work with 2-4
implants and corresponding magnetic locators on the under-side of your
denture to secure your dentures into place. Your implants stabilize your
dentures so there is no shifting or rubbing, giving you lasting comfort and
confidence. Snap on dentures are a wonderful alternative for patients who
want to stabilize their existing denture but may not be a candidate for
all-on-4 treatment.


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