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Those who have experienced tooth loss feel its effects in their confidence as well as on their health. At Smile 32 we provide dental implant placement and restoration in Houston, using the latest in innovative dental technology and conservative dental procedures. We are focused on our patients’ continued comfort and provide dental implants for hassle-free teeth replacements.

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Why Dental Implants?Dental Implants in Memorial Houston

Dental implants are a permanent treatment for missing teeth. When tooth loss goes untreated, it can lead to oral health complications that require future and more extensive corrective dental treatments.

Some consequences of untreated tooth loss include:

-Neighboring teeth begin to shift out of place, causing tooth misalignment and occlusion problems
-Without proper support from tooth roots, jaw bone can start to deteriorate.
-Higher risk of infection that could lead to further tooth loss

Dental implants replace the tooth entirely, from the root to the crown. At our Houston dental practice, we place dental implants through guided surgery for accurate placement and lasting results. Made out of biocompatible titanium, the dental implant post is placed into the jaw bone, and once the two components have permanently fused together, an abutment is placed on top of the post. This abutment allows your dental implant restoration, whether that’s a porcelain crown or a bridge, to be permanently connected. 

Dental Implant Treatment at Smile 32

Dental implants are used to support an array of restorations that effectively replace missing teeth, whether you’re missing one tooth or a full arch. For one missing tooth, dental implant supported crowns replaces the entire tooth without the alteration of neighboring teeth. For one or more missing teeth, a bridge affixed to a dental implant prevents the need to create anchor teeth, as with traditional processes. For edentulous patients, and those who have existing dentures, relining full-arch prosthetics allows them to attach to implants for a fixed, stable prosthetic. 

Dr. Vakil begins treatment with an in-depth examination of your smile, utilizing a CT scan to determine available jaw bone density. We then send these images to a trusted company to create the surgical guides needed for implant placement. At our Houston dental practice, we use MIS Implants by MIS Implant Technologies, which are known promoting faster recovery time and therefore allowing for more immediate placement of your dental implant restoration. Patients find their recovery times shortened to weeks, rather than the standard 3-6 months.  We also offer oral conscious and IV sedation for patients who are having implants placed. Our staff at Smile 32 is dedicated to our patients’ continued oral health and comfort during treatment. We take the time to go through the treatment process and answer any questions you may have. 



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