Dental Membership

Become a Part of Smile 32 Dentistry Discount Plan!

Individual Membership Plan - Only $150.00

Family Plan Membership (This includes spouses and all children!) $250.00 

Our office now offers every patient the opportunity to have access to affordable dental care. For a minimal yearly nominal fee, you and your family can be part of our in-house only dental coverage membership. We can guarantee you that you will be receiving the lowest prices available. 

"Affordable dental coverage for everyone"

What's Included in Our In- House Coverage? 

• Exams
• Cleanings
• X-Rays
• Emergency Appointments
• Fillings
• Periodontal Needs
• Extractions
• Implants
• Root Canals
• Crowns
• Dentures 
• Partials
• Teeth Whitening
• Braces and Invisialign
• ....& much more!

But It Gets Even Better!

- No Yearly Maximums
- No Deductions
- No Claim Forms
- No Pre-Authorization Requirements
- No Health Questions
- No One Will Be Denied Coverage
- No Waiting Periods (Immediate Eligibility)

Our Products and Services: 

Our office comes prepared and ready. We offer all our patients Phillip's WaterPiks and Sonicare Electrical toothbrush - BOTH given at a discounted rate to you!

In office whitening with Philips Zoom! And Zoom Whitening pens for whitening on the go. At home whitening kits too! We also offer dental nightguards made precisely for you, laser cleanings, Arestin, cancer screenings, Peridex mouth wash and more. 

To Enroll, please call or fill out the form below:

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