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Smile 32 Dentistry – Houston - E-Max Porcelain Crowns & Bridges 

Dr. Pratik Vakil of Smile 32 Dentistry provides custom e-max® crowns and bridges in Houston for patients looking to strengthen their smiles. Created to match the shade and sheen of your natural teeth, crowns can restore function and improve a weakened tooth’s structure. Bridges effectively replace missing teeth, providing for a balanced bite and renewed function and aesthetics.

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Restoring Your Smile with e.max® Crowns 

Porcelain e.max® crowns provide patients with a long-lasting aesthetic that compliments the rest of your smile. Made from a single block of ceramic, this restoration is known for its durability and opaque quality. Dr. Vakil provides crowns for patients looking to restore teeth that have chips, cracks, and overall damage. If you’re receiving root canal treatment, a crown is provided to encapsulate the treated tooth to ensure the structure is intact and treatment is secure. These custom crowns can also be affixed to dental implants, effectively replacing individual missing teeth. Restorations are fabricated once we take an impression of your dentition, and are shaped to look just like your existing tooth. 

Unlike metal-based crowns, e.max® crowns in Houston are a solid tooth-colored shade, effectively blending into the rest of your smile. If you have existing metal based crowns, we can replace these with e.max® crowns for a cosmetic enhancement to your smile, protecting your oral health with biocompatible materials. 

Replacing Teeth with Porcelain Bridges 

Patients missing one to multiple teeth can benefit from dental bridges in Houston. Dr. Vakil utilizes tooth-colored porcelain to create these tooth replacements, ensuring that the new addition isn’t noticeable in the smile. In order to place the bridge, neighboring teeth must be slightly altered and capped with crowns to support the fake tooth. 

Porcelain bridges can also be supported by dental implants. Implant-supported bridges replace missing teeth entirely, without altering neighboring healthy teeth. These bridges can replace multiple to a full arch of teeth, specifically for molars as they effectively distribute pressure across the restoration. Porcelain bridges are fabricated to look just like your natural teeth, and with dental implants, you can replace damaged teeth entirely. 

In-House Lab Created Restorations in Houston

At Smile 32 Dentistry, our crowns and bridges are created through our in-office lab, by a team of professional lab technicians dedicated to their craft. If you find that the shade of porcelain isn’t to your liking, it’s an easy fix at our Houston dental practice. We accurately shade-match your crowns and bridges to seamlessly blend into the rest of your smile. Dr. Vakil takes the time to ensure each restoration is fabricated to the highest-quality standard. 

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